Living the simple way of luxury

We don't offer standard trips, we design an experience. Our small and private spot on a remote island welcomes adventurous kitesurfers who want to kite, travel and explore somewhere really off the beaten track with us.



  • want to kite at your private spot directly in front of your beach hut

  • did always dream about kiting and staying “on your own island“

  • appreciate a familiar and easy going atmosphere

  • consider simplicity and authenticity the pure luxury in life

  • are looking for strong and stable wind

  • search for a kiting experience really off the beaten track

  • like to explore authentic Philippino life, food and culture

Here is ...


  • customized, private trips designed just for you

  • stable and strong wind

  • a remote, local spot with accommodation directly on the beach

  • mostly stable internet connection

  • delicious food, prepared by our local chef

  • authentic Philippino life

  • trips and downwinders to other islands

  • kiting in flat water, small waves or the open sea, depending on the tide

  • rental on request

  • teaching and coaching on request

Don’t get it wrong please, but that adventure isn’t the right thing for everybody. We want you to have an unforgettable stay with us and to make you happy with offering what we and mother nature can provide. Anyway, to avoid surprises once you’re there, we also want to let you know ....


  • luxury in the way of “material luxury”

  • western standard/shower

  • running water

  • fixed schedule

  • making you the only kiter(s) in the whole ocean

  • cold drinks 24 hours 



Come for strong and stable wind!

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Season and wind:

Our main season starts in the beginning of November and lasts till the middle of March, if we get lucky sometimes till the middle of April. Usually the wind starts blowing at the beginning of the season with reliable 15-20 knots, gets stronger around December and January when the wind speed can reach up to 25-30 knots on strong days. In February and March it normally gets a bit less again with 15-25 knots.
Our island is located in the middle of the ocean at the end of a wind channel. The wind blows directly from the open sea from north-west (during then main season), meaning we usually don’t have to deal with gusty wind as the wind doesn’t get distracted by any obstacles around. The wind is not thermal which makes it very reliable. Check out the windforecast for Bulalacao (Mindoro) and expect the gusts in the graphics being our average knots of stable wind.


Kiters have to be 100% safe with going upwind and be safe with rescue situations to enjoy the island adventure to its best.

Other levels and non kiters are welcome as well, we offer coaching and teaching on request. You can set up your kite just a few meters from the accommodation and start kiting on the side-offshore side of the island or walk a bit along the beach to launch on the side-onshore side. On the onshore side, there’s a huge lagoon waiting for you with small waves (nothing for wave freaks for sure, but good enough to play) and nice flat water spots, on the offshore side you’ll enjoy flat water. The sunset sessions where we start at the end of the lagoon and finish directly in front of the beach hut will blow your mind away ...

We’re (like all spots in the Philippines) depending on the tides. We‘ve been on the island for long enough to know how to make a schedule for you which matches the tides. But, for those who wanna have a wave session right after the “Bircher Muesli”, exactly from 9-11am .... again, maybe the wrong place ;-) ... It’s also possible to do down-winders and day trips to our tiny neighbor island.





Stay at your beach hut directly on the spot and live with the locals!

So far, we have one small private beach hut which is good for 1-6 people, ideal for couples or small groups. You’ll sleep on comfortable air mattresses inside the cozy house or outside under the stars. The hut is just about 30 meters from the ocean and sitting on the terrace, you can watch the sunset and the (shooting)stars. In general, we don’t host more than max. 6 people because “private kiting” is part of the luxury we offer.

The hut has only one room, so if you’re not planning to come on your own, please make sure everyone is fine with sharing one room, separate beds (comfortable air-mattress beds) are provided and there’s a cozy space under the roof with a bit more privacy). There’s a small kitchen where the Chef prepares the meals and a small bathroom (which is mainly a toilet which you have to flush yourself with a bucket of water as there’s no running water and limited electricity). The “shower” is outside and is basically a deep-well (fresh water) and is shared with the locals. Talking about the locals: it’s THEIR island! They are not used to tourism yet and have a different understanding about privacy. Please don’t be surprised if the kids wanna touch your curly blond hair, the neighbors wanna practice their English with you or the dogs are up for a play. Our hut is part of the village and on special occasions the locals will not switch off the lights and TVs “just for us”. It’s about being part of the local village, not about parting the village into locals and tourists.

Different accommodation: coming soon!

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WhatsApp Image 2019-10-26 at 17_edited.jpg


Local, healthy, exclusive, fresh!


We bring Filippino food to its best and combine it with the western cuisine. Fresh fruits, pancakes, eggs, fresh fish, seafood, pasta, burgers and various rice dishes are just a few examples what we daily prepare in a special way. We`ll provide three meals per day and nobody will be hungry. Anyway, if you like any special snacks or special drinks, please bring them. All food you take to the island, should be packed in tupperware if you`re not planning to attract ants and other animals (we don`t have a fridge). Please keep in mind, that we stay at a remote island where ressources are limited and we are dependent on weather conditions for our delivery. So if you expect your "Bircher Muesli" every morning without exception ... maybe the wrong place ... but we have muesli on the menue as well ;-)



The experience starts with the trip to our place!

We´re located close to Boracay and Mindoro and you can easily combine it with a vacation there. From the port of Bulalacao (Mindoro) you’ll need a quick TuckTuck ride and a boat shuttle. We`ll pick you up with a small traditional banka boat (you’ll definitely get wet! Your gear as well, but we got experience how to cover it ;-) ... just be aware of that fact in case you plan to bring electronics which should be packed in a separate dry-bag). The boat ride takes around 40-70 minutes, depending on weather conditions and will take you along the coastline of Mindoro first, before entering the open water for about 20 minutes (wet, rocky and if you come on strong wind days maybe a bit scary when you’re not used to that way of transportation). Please note, that we can’t get to and off the island if the wind starts blowing really strong. That’s usually just the case when a storm hits the Philippines, which makes traveling difficult everywhere. In these unlikely situations we’d have to postpone dates.

Directions to Bulalacao:

Once you made it to the Philippines, it`s the best to catch a domestic flight to Caticlan or San Jose (Mindoro). Different airlines operate daily from Manila to Caticlan. Cebu Pacific is offering flights to San Jose three times per week very early in the morning. If you come from San Jose, you`ll have to continue your trip via van, which will bring you to Bulalaco within about 2 hours. Arriving from Caticlan, you need to jump on the fastcat ferry to Bulalacao which takes 3 hours. Departure is 3am and 3pm from Caticlan to Bulalacao and 10am and 10pm the other way around. 





For a remote island, the internet connection is surprisingly good. You’ll need a local SIM card which usually will provide you with good connection, enough for what’s app and messenger, but don’t expect to be able to download videos. There’s electricity from 6-10 pm which is in general good enough to charge all your devices. Anyway, a powerbank can be very useful, especially a solar charging one.



Yes, the island is a safe place in general. And no, it’s not located in the area where you have to expect pirates coming by ... There are no strong currents around, no dangerous sharks and we can do rescues with a small local banka boat in case you’re getting in trouble. There’s (obviously) no safe where you can lock valuable things, so it’s your responsibility to bring those (anyway, we never had any bad experience with things disappearing so far). The closest hospital is in Bulalacao on the mainland of Mindoro and can only be reached by boat (banka or coastguards) or helicopter. 



Please bring booties as we might be kiting in conditions where sea urchins and corals will come along our way and it makes walking in and off the banka also just more comfortable. We also recommend to bring: headlamp, lots of sunscreen, power bank, drybag, sun protection (especially for your head) and everything you are dependant on for daily surviving (medication, special food/drinks, cosmetics ... there are no shops!)



We don’t offer standard trips, we customize an experience. Based on that, please contact us for prices and dates.

Minimum stay is usually 6 days/nights.

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